Blipshift's Memorial Day Weekend Sale Includes Car-Themed Protective Masks

Drew Dorian
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Photo credit: Ron Askew - Car and Driver
Photo credit: Ron Askew - Car and Driver

From Car and Driver

  • Online automotive apparel retailer Blipshift is forging ahead with its annual Apex Everything Sale despite the global coronavirus pandemic.

  • Instead of one large sale, the iconic automotive T-shirt brand split up its products into several weekly sales as its production has slowed while the pandemic continues.

  • Memorial Day weekend marks the fifth and final part of the sale, so stock up on these items before they sell out.

UPDATE 5/22/2020: For its fifth and final weekend, Blipshift's spring Apex Everything sale adds several automotive-themed protective masks alongside favorite t-shirt and baby onesie designs from the past. The sale will continue through the Memorial Day holiday weekend or until stock runs out. See below for details!

The coronavirus has closed our offices, shuttered our favorite restaurants, and forced us into quarantine, but we'll be damned if it'll take away our opportunity to stock up on our favorite automotive apparel. Blipshift, one of our favorite online retailers, has had to rethink its annual Apex Everything Sale, but luckily for us it's still happening in a slightly extended way.

Rather than launching the entirety of the sale all at once, production limitations have necessitated splitting it up into five smaller sales, each taking place on successive weekends with a rotating inventory of T-shirts, socks, coffee mugs, baby onesies, and more. The first four weekend sales have already passed, but starting today there's a new selection of items that are sure to brighten your quarantine. Go on and show your off your car loving personality at the grocery store and pharmacy with one of their new automotive-themed protective masks or stock up on classic t-shirt designs from the past.

This is the final week of the Apex Everything spring sale, and it will continue on through the Memorial Day holiday weekend or until Blipshift runs out of inventory on the selected items. Stock up today or risk missing out!

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