$845,000 Porsche 918 Spyder burns to the ground in Canadian gas station

Alex Lloyd
Editor at Large
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Captured by Twitter user @davidandperry

Porsche 918 Spyder fire

Because of its nature as one of the priciest, fastest, rarest super cars in existence, a Porsche 918 Spyder involved in any kind of incident will make headlines. But when one burns to the ground in a Canadian gas station, well, that goes viral.

The 893 hp hybrid hyper car is reportedly owned by Michael Werkerle, the CEO of investment firm Difference Capital and star of CBC's Dragon's Den (Canada's equivalent of Shark Tank). Witnesses state that gas spilled during the car's refueling in a Toronto gas station and ignited via the twin exhaust pipes. Those pipes protrude upwards from the engine compartment, rather than exiting out back like most other vehicles. The near-$900,000 Porsche was captured engulfed in flames by various onlookers with their cell phones.

According to AutoGuide, Porsche of Canada is aware of the incident and will provide technical resources to those investigating, but as of yet does not know what occurred. Porsche has dealt with its fair share of fire-related incidents of late, as it recalled all its 911 GT3s due to engine fires in February.

Fortunately all involved in this blaze are said to be unharmed, although Werkerle's 918 Spyder is toast. May we suggest the Dragon's Den star's next move involves investing in an insurance company. (Just not the one footing this bill.)

Photos: Twitter @davidandperry