"Mustang" breaks into list of most popular — and hackable — passwords

·Editor at Large

What password do you use when on the Internet? Chances are, for many of you reading this, I can simply guess: "Mustang."

SlashData has revealed the results from its annual "Worst Passwords List," and a new entry in at number 16 is America's famed pony car. The list outlines the most commonly used passwords on the web, which obviously makes them the worst and most easy to guess for online fraudsters. No other car names made the top 25.

While "Mustang" isn't the worst of the bunch, it is a more common password than both "Superman" and "Batman," besting the heroes who flew in at 21st and 24th place respectively.

Ford says that Internet users should, of course, continue using "Mustang" as their password, but consider strengthening it by incorporating some of its option codes, paint codes, engine codes or parts from your own Mustang VIN number. Chevrolet probably thinks those that do are idiots.

As for the worst passwords to use, number one on the list is still the imaginative "123456," with "password" itself slotting in closely behind. In 25th position is "trustno1," which is ironic, because in using such a commonly used password, you are, in fact, trusting hacks to leave your online bank account alone. Something they probably won't do.