Backseat driver always gets the wheel in this wild modified SUV

Anyone who's ever driven with children or college students knows that keeping watch for rear-seat shenanigans can cause unwanted distractions from the road. Now a Middle Eastern car customizer has finally come up with the answer no one had thought of yet — moving the steering wheel, pedals and shifter from the front to the back, granting the wishes of thousands of in-laws.

Built by Ali Saeed at his King of Customs shop in Dubai, the 2008 Nissan Patrol looks stock from the outside. Only on opening the front doors does the extent of the mods become clear; the dash now consists of a smooth panel running the width of the car, with three LED screens in place of the normal instrument panel. All of the necessary functions for driving now reside in back — a gear shifter, a few gauges and the steering wheel, with smaller gas and brake pedals mounted underneath a shroud around the steering column, and the center console moved to the right.

Aside from giving passengers the best view, the motivation for spending more than three months transplanting the SUV's controls to the back seat aren't clear. From a craftsman's perspective, it's well done; all surfaces look finished for real-world use, there's extra cupholders up front and it would fit right in at a U.S. custom car show. The center-mounted wheel (just like a McLaren F1) makes it easier to switch between right-side and left-side driving territories. And even the Nissan's name seems particularly apt for, say, a parent chaperoning a date. There's no place to hide in this Patrol.

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