Will it become illegal to drive slow in the fast lane? In Florida it might

How many times have you cursed at drivers crawling along in the fast lane, way below the posted speed limit? It must be one of the most frustrating circumstances you can encounter when driving, not to mention the innate dangers it presents. If there’s ever a situation that could provoke road rage, it’s being held up by an ignorant motorist, pointlessly blocking the passing lane. But if you live in Florida, this issue could potentially be solved, as the Florida House and Senate have passed a bill that would make it illegal to drive slowly in the fast lane.

The so-called “road rage” bill is reportedly years in the making, and it was pushed through, in part, by Sen. Jeff Brandes of St. Petersburg: “I think it’s going to make us a little bit safer,” Brandes predicts.

The bill proposes that if you drive 10 mph or more below the posted speed limit, while dawdling in the left hand lane, the penalty would be a $60 fine. The law would be in effect for any road with two or more lanes.

Of course, the Governor has to pass this legislation for it to take effect, and the question lingers as to whether it would truly deter those making a habit of clogging up the left hand lane. While a straight "fix" remains impossible, and this may not be the easiest of crimes to police, it's a solid step in the right direction to eliminating unnecessary automotive vexations.

Photo: AP