Cadillac XTS sedan shows off its long black limousine look

Justin Hyde

The demise of the Lincoln Town Car left a hole in the market for cars that chauffer you to planes, plays and funeral parlors that's not yet been filled. While Ford's offering its massive Lincoln MKT as an alternative, Cadillac's pitch involves its new XTS sedan, shown here in its limousine and last rites versions. They've got the look down all right.

Luxury car builders like Cadillac don't build these variations in-house, but work with outside specialists in coachbuilding limousines and hearses to make their models conversion-friendly. Unlike some previous versions of city cars, Cadillac says it won't offer a low-budget version, but keep many of its luxury touches intact -- including the touch-screen CUE dashboard info disco.

If you're in the market for these, you'll know the final price depends on how many and how much, with volume discounts aplenty. Being the chauffer-driven car of choice was one of Lincoln's few triumphs in the past decade; getting wealthy people to sample the back seat of a Cadillac XTS might convince a few to climb behind the wheel -- assuming they're not permanently at rest.

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