Geo Metro limousine can be yours for the price of an iPad

From the wilds of Craigslist, this piece of automotive excellence emerged recently seeking new ownership for the price of an entry-level iPad. Yes, it's a 1992 Geo Metro given a limousine stretch. Yes, there's a mural of Betty Boop with a tiger on the hood. And it has some of the most avant-garde ad copy I've seen.

For sale in Detroit -- where it was used as a daily commuter -- the owner has written an ad copy that combines the usual flair for key details found on Craigslist with the punctuation style of e.e. cummings. Here's the key sentence:

Im the second owner of this car and when i got it a year ago it had 67,000 miles, now it has just over 100,000 because i live in the new center area but work on 18 and a half mile, The car still runs and drives but needs to have the engine flushed and cleaned out because do to lack of money and a valve cover gasket leak i started using very cheap oil in it and now it has white smoke out the back, dont worry its not the head gasket geos are known to smoke because of the carbon build up that happens so it has the be cleaned out with a lot of carb cleaner or what everyone on the geo metro forum calls a product called a seafoam treatment, as i said it does run and drive except for that, it does not and has never overheated, it does not and has never had any thing mixing in with the oil, the last time i took the egr valve off it was also caked with carbon, i get most of my info off the geo forum, it has a 5 speed stick with the three cylinder engine, yet it has the power to drive eight people around town though i didnt do a lot of that, the body is structurally sound, the guy that streched it used to build all kinds of limos, for different companies and shows.

The owner goes on to note that a few other things need attention, like the faux-wood headliner. Also, "I would prefer someone who knows Geos to purchase this car, it needs a front tire as I have a worn donut on it. "

We salute you, Geo Metro Limo driver, and hope your asking price of $550 is met with all the speed a three-cylinder, eight-passenger vehicle can muster.

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