Hot Wheels crafts glow-in-the-dark Camaro, trio of hot rods for “World’s Best Driver”

The life-size stunts division of Hot Wheels has kept itself busy over the past couple of years, between launching the longest automotive jump in the world at the 2011 Indy 500 and pulling off a record corkscrew jump last year. For an encore, Hot Wheels shot a 22-minute action video featuring a truckload of stunts from several of its custom rides — and a few new ones, including the first Chevy Camaro that glows in the dark.

The 22-minute short video, "World's Best Driver," features motocross and off-road drivers along with cameos from Mario Andretti, Tanner Foust and others over every type of surface — snowy hills, desert trails, factories and even water. Shot by director Mike "Mouse" McCoy over eight days after many months of preparation, the video features more than a dozen jumps, at least one hard wreck and ends with an impressive high-speed backflip.

No such film would be complete without the Hot Wheels edition of the Camaro, the $8,995 optional package for Camaros that lets owners live life inside an adult-sized toy. For the World's Best Driver project, Hot Wheels commissioned a special luminescent vinyl wrap for its Camaro that matches the deep blues and flames of the regular edition.

Hot Wheels also built three custom cars for the shoot, designed for driving at speed over a variety of surfaces. While the Blue Mule and Green Ripper look like miniature desert buggies, the standout is the Rip Rod, also known as Chupacabra, which combines some off-road prowess with '30s-era streamlining and red-tinted windows. Built by Billy Hammon of Picture Car Warehouse, who also assembled the full-scale Twin Mill and Bone Crusher among others, the Rip Rod can hit 125 mph and gets its power from a 1.2-liter four-cylinder pumping 184 hp, more than enough grunt for an 1,100-lb. buggy.

You can see the airborne results of Hot Wheels' work below, and see the behind-the-scenes work at its YouTube channel.

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