Hot Wheels sets a real-life record for a corkscrew jump in a car

It may look like a toy, but the car in mid-barrel roll above is a life-sized, 2,600-lb. dune buggy built by Hot Wheels and driven by Brent Fletcher attempting to set a world record for a corkscrew jump in an automobile. It looks fun in mid-air, but the landing shows these kind of stunts aren't child's play.

The latest in a string of big stunts from the toy car concern, the trick follows the six-story double loop-the-loop stunt at this year's X Games and the world-record 332-ft jump by Tanner Foust at last year's Indianapolis 500. This stunt runs much shorter by comparison at 92 feet, but it's much more difficult to control how much the car will rotate during the ride. Tracy had to hit the ramp at exactly 54 mph to make the calculations work, rotating 230 degrees per second and hitting the orange ramp with his tires instead of his roof.

At 92 feet, Hot Wheels says this bests any previous corkscrew jump, like the one Chevy did for a Super Bowl ad earlier this year, or the progenitor of the move, the James Bond stunt in "The Man With The Golden Gun." See for yourself from every conceivable angle below.

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