How a son found and bought his late father's classic Corvette

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Scott Bachman was just three-years-old when his father acquired the car of his dreams, a 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible. Despite his young age, Bachman, now 42, remembers the machine well. But just two years after it was purchased, his father, while working on the 'Vette, suffered a stroke and inhaled carbon monoxide from the exhaust. He passed away when his son was just five years old.

Eventually Bachman's mother sold the car, but not before allowing the youngster to drive it briefly – the first car he ever drove. Bachman never forgot about his dad's Corvette, and after a bout of reoccurring dreams this past May, all involving his father's beloved '73 Corvette, he told his wife he would find the car and bring it home.

Still possessing a copy of the VIN, he traced the vehicle to an gentleman in Michigan. The car was in decent shape and the owner entertained his offer: "It was considerably more than my father paid for it," he told WWJ.

With 80,229 miles on the clock, the engine, transmission and paintwork remain original; even the worn-leather key chain was the same one his father used back when he bought the car in 1975.

"It wasn't until I got into the seat and put my hand on the steering wheel that I felt like I really connected with him again," Bachman told Fox 2. He now has the Ontario orange muscle car his dad cherished so dearly back at his home in Detroit.

Like father like son, Bachman now intends to work on the car. He says the costs involved are "worth every penny."

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