Jerry Seinfeld enlists the Soup Nazi in the Acura NSX’s Super Bowl ad

Jerry Seinfeld is no stranger to big-stage, big-budget advertising, but despite his extensive love of all things automotive, he's never been in a car ad. Until this: a Super Bowl XLVI spot featuring the Acura NSX, the Soup Nazi, and a cast of thousands.

We're days away from the actual Super Bowl as I type this, and I pray that the Giants and Patriots keep it close for at least three quarters, because otherwise there's not going to be anything worth watching on Sunday night until "Downton Abbey" airs. Give props to Acura and Seinfeld for making this spot fresh enough to stand out in an overstocked pool of Super Bowl pitches, and for some of the small grace notes like Seinfeld's tux at dinner. As for the denouement: Totally plausible.

I'd also point out one other thing: The Acura NSX is three years away from production, and until this video had never been heard even turning its engine on. The disclaimer about "NSX projected to debut within the next three years. Date subject to change" makes one just a little queasy.

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