Jerry Seinfeld furious after driver inflicts shrinkage on rare Porsche 911

Matt Agudo/
Matt Agudo/

Well before "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Jerry Seinfeld was known in automotive circles as a consummate car collector, especially for classic Porsches, and his garages include the first 911 built. And as any car collector knows, the value of owning such vehicles isn't just in looking at them, but driving them as they were meant to be.

Which is all great, right until someone uses your rare Porsche 911 as a slow-motion crash tester.

According to the New York Post, Seinfeld was out in his 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR — a racing model of which only 49 were built — last weekend in the Hamptons when a woman in a white BMW began backing into it:

“We could hear the sound of metal crunching — rare, classic, expensive, vintage metal, by the way — from across the street. A sickening sound to a car person,’’ Seinfeld said.

“And even though I’m sure I deserved this, because of who I am and that I have this amazing car, I was furious. I ran across the street, out of my mind, and yelled at her, ‘You just crashed into my car!’

In Seinfeld's telling, the woman seemed oblivious, and while she offered to trade information he let her go because "the idea of having her in my life for one more second was intolerable." This may be a bit of an over-correction; while even Seinfeld will find vintage Porsche repair parts pricey, it's not like he doesn't have a few other cars to drive.

Serenity now, Jerry. Serenity now.