Landslide swallowing a row of parked cars caught on video

This year's frigid winter has given way to a drenched spring, with storms sweeping across much of the country this week. The Baltimore area got some four inches rain on Wednesday — the likely cause of a landslide along a residential street that took out 10 cars as owners watched helplessly.

Baltimore officials said no one was hurt after the ground gave way along East 26th Street, which ran above CSX rail tracks. The landslide swept the cars, mud and other debris down a 30-foot embankment, covering the tracks and forcing CSX to suspend service. Many of the people who lived along the street were evacuated due to concerns of gas leaks or other collapses.

“My eyes were just riveted on the road and the railing just falling away,” resident Dana Moore, who was driving north on Charles Street as the embankment collapsed, told Fox43 TV. “It was there and then it wasn’t.”

The retaining wall supporting the street was about 120 years old, but wasn't able to survive the fourth-wettest April in Baltimore history.