McLaren P1 appears in track-inspired camouflage

In a matter of days, we should know more about the great supercar battle of our era, with Ferrari revealing new details about its Enzo successor at the Geneva Motor Show and McLaren showing off the production version of its P1. (Porsche and Lamborghini may offer a few surprises as well to stay in the conversation). Today, McLaren opened its kimono briefly for a look at the P1 under development, vowing it would create the best-handling car in the world — wearing camouflage made from race-track layouts.

Expected to sport 963 hp with a hybrid power system, McLaren has been shy about releasing its goals for the P1, in part to keep Ferrari in the dark as it tunes the similar Enzo successor codenamed F150. The brief for the P1's existence comes down to "trust us" — which McLaren's place as one of the few competitive Formula 1 teams can back up. Part of that racing obsession filtered down to the car's photo-shielding vinyl wrap covered in the outlines of tracks around Europe. The video below offers as much advertising for McLaren itself as it reveals about the P1, but the wait won't be long.