New 2015 GMC Yukon catches fire during test drive

The new 2015 GMC Yukon has only just begun to hit dealerships, and while truck-based, seven-passenger SUVs aren't the huge sellers they once were, the Yukon and its Chevy Tahoe/Suburban cousins still provide a sizable share of General Motors profits.

So when one of the first models catches fire during a test drive, it's not good news for an automaker already dealing with fallout from a delayed recall.

According to KTLA-TV, a potential customer had taken the Yukon a few blocks from Hardin Buick-GMC in Anaheim, Calif., when the SUV died and smoke began billowing from the engine compartment. The occupants quickly hopped out of the Yukon and stepped away before the truck became engulfed in flames.

GM spokesman Alan Adler told Yahoo Autos the automaker was aware of the fire: "We are glad no one was hurt. We are working urgently on the incident and have a team of investigators traveling to Anaheim to learn what they can about the fire."

While it's not uncommon for an all-new model to have teething pains, spontaneous combustions offer the worst kind of problem for an automaker to face. Just last week, Porsche revealed it would have to replace the engines in 785 Porsche 911 GT3s after finding a single flawed bolt could lead to engine fires. That investigation took several weeks before a cause was found; it's in GM's interest to find whatever caused this Yukon blaze much faster.