Pope Francis chooses five-year-old Ford Focus as Popemobile of choice

Earlier this month, Pope Francis created a stir when he told Catholic priests around the world to chose "more humble" vehicles, imploring them to think of the poor rather than their personal comfort. At the time, Italian reports said Pope Francis chose a Ford Focus as his own form of transportation.

Last weekend, photographers caught their first shots of the pope in his wheels, and those prior reports were woefully incomplete. The Holy Father's Focus of choice isn't even a new model, but a European hatchback that's no newer than 2008, with few amenities, no gilded exterior markings and even cloth seats. Such a choice stands in stark contrast to his predecessor's Mercedes-based Popemobile and custom-built electric Renault vans. Pope Francis seems to be the kind of car owner who holds on for the long term, but if the old Focus does give up the ghost, perhaps the pontiff should consider a Honda. The Bible does say Jesus brought the disciples together in one Accord.

Photos: AP