6 Tumblrs every gearhead should follow

While pictures of pretty landscapes are indeed beautiful, to gearheads, it's merely the backdrop that gives life to the glorious machines front and center. Picture a first-generation Alfa Romeo Spider, basking on the shores of Lake Como. Italy's third largest lake remains majestic, but what catches our eye is that classic red sports car in the low sun: a machine that's survived almost fifty years and still breathes today.

Tumblr is a great source for evocative imagery, especially if you love cars. It also features many sites that may cause you to smile, or cry, or perhaps both. So here are six Tumblrs every gearhead should check out:

Car Poseurs:

The title says it all. This Tumblr simply shows people standing by their cars, but its genius runs far deeper. There's a lot of vintage muscle, flared jeans and epic mullets, which makes this one of our top picks.



McCauley Photo:

What's great about this site is all the images are taken by the blogger himself, Kevin McCauley, and not merely sourced from elsewhere. And they show a tremendous eye for detail, capturing the subtle beauty of the automobile that's easy to neglect. He also shoots old cars and new, offering a nice variety of high-end staged shots to off the cuff Instagram flicks.


Ricer's Edge:

If you don't know what a "ricer" is, then look no further than this abomination of a Mazda Miata. Ricer's Edge captures the best of the worst, and shames them on the Interwebs. So don't screw with your Civic, bro, or you may end up on here too.


Top Gear:

The world famous motoring show has made it's name by utilizing three silly Brits, crashing caravans and setting things on fire. What's not to love? And Top Gear's Tumblr offers more of the same, most of which is in GIF format, which makes it even better.


Cooler Than Before:

The premise here is that old cars are cooler than new cars, and if you want to compare this BMW pictured above to, say, a new 5-Series, it's hard not to disagree. There's all sorts of vehicles on display, too, including Mini Coopers, vintage Le Mans racers, shots of Ayrton Senna and a Lamborghini Countach. Tumblr is full of images of new, exotic supercars, but it's the golden oldies that evoke the most romance.


Marzorace Rally Blog:

If seeing images like this doesn't get your blood pumping, well, we can no longer be friends. This Tumblr is jam-packed with Lancia Stratoses, old rear-wheel drive Ford Escorts and crazy spectators. It also displays an unhealthy addiction for Ari Vatanen, which in my book seals the deal. Take a look at the GIF below, if you don't believe me, and be sure to follow Yahoo Autos on Tumblr, where you'll see all of this goodness and more.