World’s “fastest amphibious car” for sale to insane shipbuilding racer

Project Sea Lion
Project Sea Lion

While flying cars have never been quite so hot, the land-sea vehicle combo has been a soggy bog of ideas for decades, mainly because amphibious cars suffer from the houseboat paradox -- not a good house, not a good boat -- and expensive enough that they're limited to people who can afford proper cars and traditional watercraft. All of which was no barrier to the creator of Project Sea Lion, a five-year project to build a 45-mph boat that can also go 125 mph on land. Now it can be yours for just $259,500.

According to seller Fantasy Junction, Project Sea Lion combines a custom-built aluminum and stainless steel body with a Mazda 13B rotary engine meant to set the record for fastest land-sea vehicle. Unfortunately, the new record calls for 60 mph on the open water, and if I'm reading the listing correctly, that would require a Sea Lion upgrade to a newer Mazda rotary. The Sea Lion's transformation to naval operations is impressive, from sidepods and folding prow to retractable wheels, but the cabin does appear to be a little warm on the road, since it lacks any ventilation aside from driving with the top hatch open.

The builder promises to make himself available to any buyer as "consultant, engineer, machinist and psychiatrist," all four of which might be needed to make this an everyday driver. At least there's video proof that, like hope itself, it floats.

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