BMW 640i Takes Georgia Police On Wild Chase

BMW 640i Takes Georgia Police On Wild Chase
BMW 640i Takes Georgia Police On Wild Chase

It didn’t end well for the suspect.

Rarely do we find good police chases involving more expensive European performance cars. There could be a few reasons for that, including their overall rarity in the US, their being more difficult to steal, and owners taking more security precautions. Most people who own such rides seem less likely to run from the police, probably because they realize their beloved whip will get thrashed. That’s exactly what happens to this BMW 640i when the driver decides he can ditch Georgia State Police.

Watch a police Dodge Scat Pack take down a fleeing Audi A4 here.

This suspect does a pretty good job of weaving through traffic on the highway. He uses the razor sharp handling of the Bimmer to carve right through clumps of cars as he worms his way deeper into Atlanta, hopeful to lose the fuzz. Pursuing GSP units seem to struggle to keep up with his movements, although when it comes to speed, they don’t have trouble matching that.

There are a few points where we thought this guy might slip away into the quiet night. What started the chase was a trooper noticing the 6 Series was speeding on the highway, allegedly going 108 mph in 65 zone. We’re pretty sure that qualifies for the Super Speeder fine in Georgia. When that trooper tried pulling the suspect over, he just kept going.


Exiting onto surface streets, the BMW driver puts up a real fight. He dashes through red lights with reckless abandon and doesn’t seem to care about bottoming out. But for some reason he doesn’t use the car’s superior handling to his advantage, instead sticking to a straight path.

That was a big mistake, because the lead pursuer was able to catch up and PIT the Bimmer, which spun around, hitting a Cadillac Escalade that was parked on the side of the road. Funny enough, that Escalade drove off and out of the camera frame, so we’re not sure if it fled the scene. If so, perhaps there was a reason that driver didn’t want to stick around and talk to police? No mention of it is made in the report, so that remains a mystery.