BMW X7 allegedly leaked on Belarus BMW website

Autoevolution says we have BMW Belarus to thank for leaking an image of the facelifted 2023 X7. As is tradition for a midlife refresh, which in BMW parlance is called a Life Cycle Impulse (LCI), the front fascia received the brunt of the changes that we're able to see. The single headlight enclosures, trapezoidal lower intake, and large lower outside intakes are gone. The new look breaks the front into three distinct areas, starting with a grille that doesn't appear much larger than the current opening, if at all. Beside that is where the controversy could land, a set of split headlights with slim DRLs above a short horizontal plane of sheetmetal that leads to the main beams. Looking at the far side, the main beam covers look recessed akin to a "Star Wars" Scout Trooper helmet as the sheetmetal beneath opens for a set of slim vertical intakes.

At the bottom, a smaller rectangular intake is garnished with two triangular pieces. That geometric theme is repeated behind the front wheels with a triangular design element set high on the wheel arch. Also, tucked in the arches, there's a set of large alloys carved with a design we haven't seen from BMW before. We won't be shocked to find out they're 23-inchers.

With the revised X7 expected on sale in August, a debut shouldn't be far away. Beyond what we see here, we anticipate tweaks to the rear fascia, and a massaged interior. It's possible BMW installs its new iDrive 8 infotainment system, but with so many other models on the way this year, BMW might want to let the other high-end debuts like it i7 have some alone time with the latest tech. We hear powertrain nomenclature will change to match the new cars, the X7 M50i turning into the X7 M60i.

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