BMW's 6-Series Revival: New Line of Coupes and Convertibles in the Works

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BMW's 6-Series Revival: New Line of Coupes and Convertibles in the Works
BMW's 6-Series Revival: New Line of Coupes and Convertibles in the Works

BMW is set to revive its iconic 6-Series nameplate for a new lineup of coupes and convertibles, with an anticipated launch in the latter half of 2026. This move is part of a strategic shift to replace both the current 8-Series and the gas-powered versions of the 4-Series, according to a recent report from Automotive News. This revival will mark the 6-Series as 2027 models in the U.S. market.

The reintroduction of the 6-Series represents a reversal from BMW’s previous strategy, where the 8-Series took over the position held by the 6-Series for the 2019 model year. This change underscores BMW's ongoing efforts to refine and optimize its model lineup in response to market trends and consumer preferences. Despite the relatively low sales volume of the 8-Series in North America—only 5,751 units in the previous year—BMW recognizes the importance of maintaining niche models within its portfolio. In contrast, the 4-Series had a stronger market presence with 50,777 units delivered in the same period, partly due to the availability of an electric variant.


The upcoming 6-Series models are expected to be built on BMW's versatile CLAR platform, which supports gas, hybrid, and potentially electric powertrains. This platform flexibility aligns with BMW's broader strategy to offer a diverse range of powertrains across its lineup, though it remains unclear if the new 6-Series will include an electric option. However, the next-generation 4-Series is anticipated to transition entirely to electric powertrains, reflecting the industry's shift towards electrification.

The revival of the 6-Series had been hinted at in previous reports dating back to 2022, which suggested that the 8-Series coupe and convertible would be replaced by a new 6-Series range. Interestingly, these reports indicated that the 8-Series Gran Coupe would remain, potentially becoming part of an expanded 7-Series family. This strategy would allow BMW to cater to varying customer preferences while streamlining its model offerings.

Source: Automotive News

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