Bride’s wedding day workout with entire bridal party gets a big ‘nope’ from TikTok

Lots of wedding trends come and go, but there are some that most people agree should never have happened in the first place. That seems to be the case after one bride went viral for leading a pre-wedding bridesmaids workout on the morning of her big day — and then suggesting that other brides do the same.

The controversial idea was first shared on TikTok by Kennedy Olson Hart (@kennedyolson), who appears in the video wearing a white sports bra and matching bike shorts.

“POV: it’s your wedding morning,” the video text reads as the camera pans across a large meeting room in a hotel.

In the foreground, we see a group of women — who are presumably bridesmaids and other close friends of the bride — following along as Hart leads them in a high-intensity workout.


The TikTok quickly went viral and now has more than 4 million views.

In the comments, people did not hold back on what they thought of the whole thing.

“NOPE,” one person told the bride.

“This is my HELL,” another declared.

“absolutely not,” said someone else. “I’ve seen what I needed to see.”

To be fair, all of the women in the video appear to be having a great time, so this probably wasn’t something they were forced to do. That said, there was still a lot of shade thrown the bride’s way.

One person called it “an almond mom wedding,” while another accused her of being the type of person to run marathons on Thanksgiving. (Ouch.) At least a handful of other commenters asked if the bride was from Utah since something about the video gave off major “Utah wedding vibes.” (Spoiler alert: She actually is!)

Not everyone was a hater, though. In fact, a lot of people admired the energy these women had to get up at the crack of dawn and do a butt-busting workout, considering how busy a wedding day can be.

“I’d totally be up for this!” one TikToker shared. “But I love early morning cardio sessions and don’t drink.”

“I would love to do a morning yoga or something to get the nerves out, this is actually so smart,” said someone else.

“It’s YOUR wedding day and you’re thriving!” another person added.

Others had nothing against the idea in general but admitted it just wasn’t for them.

“As a bridesmaid, I’ll be cheering you on in the corner with my mimosa,” one person joked.

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