Britney Spears Traffic Stop Video Released

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Britney Spears Traffic Stop Video Released
Britney Spears Traffic Stop Video Released

Footage from Britney Spears’ traffic stop and subsequent citations has been released and boy is it crammed full of interesting information. If you don’t recall, the pop star and amateur interpretive knife dancer was pulled over for speeding by a California Highway Patrol officer back in September for allegedly going 60 in a 45 mph zone. More recently, she was cited for crossing a solid double-yellow line.

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Right off the bat, we learn this isn’t the first time this same officer had pulled Britney over in her Mercedes for speeding. He mentions in the bodycam footage that he already gave her a warning, so when she asks for him to be gentle that request is immediately denied.

We also learn from the footage that Spears’ excuse for not having her driver’s license, car registration, or proof of insurance on her was that her security team had all those essential documents. For whatever reason, none of her security detail was following her, which seems a little odd.


Also, we’re not important enough to have security guards, but do they also act as nannies? Why can’t Britney hold onto her driver’s license, registration, and insurance card like a grownup? This might add fuel to the fire of people saying perhaps the conservatorship shouldn’t have ended since it appears Britney Spears has trouble with basic adult responsibilities.

She tried getting photos of her license and other documents texted by her security, but that didn’t exactly work out. What we assume is an assistant spoke with the officer over the phone, providing Britney’s current address. Does she not know that?

Britney was nice to the officer and even apologized right off the bat. Even when she realize she would be getting citations she didn’t go Karen on the cop. Still, this video raises even more questions about the pop singer’s ability to conduct her own life without supervision.