Bronco DR Could Be The Next Baja Superstar

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This SUV is built for speed.

Alot goes into building an off-roading, Rally, or Baja truck. Unlike most utility builds, it’s way more than just a simple lift and minor engine modifications. If you’ve been hoping to get into the practice then you know what’s up and have probably seen a few crazy projects as a result. However, for those looking to run in Baja-style competition without having to build the truck themselves, there’s a pretty neat option available to them. What’s the catch? It’s going to cost them $295,000.

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So with that in mind, you might be wondering what kind of crazy modifications have been done to what looks like a normal lifted Bronco on bigger wheels and tires. Well, first of all you won’t find any of the puny engine options available and most Ford Broncos. Rather, there is a 5-liter coyote V8 under the hood pushing out 400 hp. When you’re going slow in the dirt then torque is king but when it comes to Baja style racing the trucks need a little bit more than that to get up and go.

Speaking of what off-roaders are known for, suspension also does a lot of work in keeping the driver and car safe on their journey. An impressive 47 degree approach angle, followed up immediately by a 37 degree exit angle, lets you know that you’ll be able to scale pretty much any obstacle that comes your way. On top of that trucks got 37 inch BF good rich tires, enough to really make an impression in the traction department. Overall, it’s unclear how the Bronco will compete with other experienced drivers behind their own wheels but it’s probably safe to say this is a great option for anyone looking to have some fun.

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