You Can Build Your Own Wall Of Death And Ride A Drift Trike On It

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Who doesn’t love a wall of death? Motorcycles whipping around in circles on perfectly vertical planes, kept from falling only by the friction of their tires and the centrifugal force of their speed. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to have a wall of death of your very own?

Colin Furze thought so, so over a decade ago he built one out of wood pallets. That creation lacked stability and weather protection, though, so this year he finally revisited the project with a clean-sheet redesign: A full-scale wall of death built entirely inside a barn.

Furze’s goal was to ride one of his favorite modes of transportation — a drift trike — along the walls of a Wall of Death. Last time, he’d done a moped, but the wall rotted apart before he could take a trike along it — clearly an untenable result.


As it turns out, though, getting a drift trike to actually work on a Wall of Death is no easy task. Furze had to carefully manage traction with his drift sleeves, eventually deciding that running just one sleeve on one side of the trike gave him optimal traction. That sleeve, however, kept shattering on the walls, forcing Furze to redesign the brackets that held everything together. A trike modified for the Wall, the Wall modified for the trike.

Suggesting that you, personally, build a Wall of Death is likely a stance supported by neither your ability and space to construct such a thing nor the G/O Media legal team. But it does look like Colin Furze is having a blast with his, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to skim along the sides of a Wall of Death all your own?

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