Build your travel-ready skincare routine with these tried and true products

Don't let traveling take a toll on your skin. Check out these must-have skincare products that will keep your skin glowing no matter where you are.

Video Transcript

FRANCESCA MURRAY: Hello, and welcome back to "In the Know, Out of a Suitcase," the show that takes the hassle out of travel. Traveling shouldn't shut down your regular skincare routine. Thankfully, most brands these days make travel-sized skincare products to help you maintain healthy skin on the go. It's important to refresh your skin after a long day of travel with a mini-cleanser like this one from Dermalogica. The compact size makes it perfect for a hotel bathroom, airport bathroom, even on a plane.

If you want a portable product to enhance your night routine, look no further than the mini advanced night repair serum from Estée Lauder. This tiny bottle packs a big punch by ensuring that your skin is smooth and hydrated after a long day of travel. Traveling can be exhausting, and a lot of the time, sleepless nights take a toll on your skin. To remedy this, I recommend using a moisturizer such as this one from Biossance. The squalane and omega ingredients strip your skin of the fine lines and wrinkles that come from exhaustion.

Catching a flight or packing for a trip shouldn't prevent you from looking your best. I like to use this dewy mist from Tatcha when I go through TSA. Whether you're traveling to a tropical destination or just doing a staycation, it's important to always wear sunscreen. I recommend this very portable option from Supergoop. This product works super well with makeup, and it's totally invisible. That's it for this installment of In the Know, Out of a Suitcase. I'm your host Francesca, and I'll see you at the next one.