Buy This Alpina C2, the Other Ultimate E30

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Buy This Alpina C2, the Other Ultimate E30Bring a Trailer

The four cylinder first-generation M3 may be the pinnacle of the E30-generation 3-Series, but you are more likely to encounter BMW's iconic sport sedan on the road with the M20 "small-six." The other greatest E30, the pinnacle BMW with that engine, was not actually made by BMW itself. Instead, that duty went to Alpina, who created myriad variants on the legendary platform. The C2 is a four-door that features the even more rare combination of Alpina's take on the M20 and a five-speed manual transmission.

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That makes this C2 2.7 among the greatest four-door E30s ever produced. While a four-door 325is may be among the most ordinary of the great cars in the world, an Alpina example adds a special flare of craftsmanship and rarity. Add in this car's Alpina-specific headers and camshaft and you get something that is also fairly quick for an E30.

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Being an Alpina from the mid-Eighties, it's differentiated from a standard four-door E30 325is by two-tone details in blue and green, both outside and inside the car. The decals stand out on a white exterior, while they are more muted on the car's black fabric interior. This C2 also receives the brand's then-signature front air dam, wooden gear knob, and iconic many-spoke rims.

Oddly enough, another of the 74 Japanese-market E30 C2 examples was sold on Bring a Trailer just last week. That example went for $165,000, so do not expect this care to stick around its current high bid of $5000 over the next week of availability on BaT.

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