Buy This Classic Nissan 300 ZX Racer And You Are Automatically Entered In The Rolex Reunion 2023

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Japanese ‘80s Racing tech putting on a show.

While the 1980s might not have exactly been the best time for regular production cars, there's no denying the impact of the era on racing culture. A pretty great example of this is the 1987 Nissan 300ZX  featuring the distinction of IMSA GTU. You might have seen pace cars bring a trailer from time to time but none of them quite match the sort of intense engineering that comes with a full-blown race car. Well, that's exactly what this car is and you could be its next driver with enough determination and skill behind the wheel. but you might be wondering, why should you consider purchasing this 300zx.

First of all, it's pretty clear what the vehicle was built to do just by looking at the exterior. a bright yellow shows off every body-line and presents the big red numbers 32 front and center for all to see. it would be pretty hard to miss this car as it drove by but even more difficult would be to not understand its mission. As you can see on the very front of the car's Hood, they're quite a few decals that show its different racing affiliations. Of course, the body isn't the only spectacular thing about this vehicle as shown By the full roll cage on the inside. That is a very necessary piece of safety equipment as you'll soon find out.

Most people may have a pretty hard time handling the 3-liter V6 which fits snugly under the hood. Being a competition engine, it's easy to imagine how the builders might have tweaked the design severely compared to what was actually in the production models. Nevertheless, you'll have immense amounts of fun rolling through the gears on your four-speed manual transmission and sliding around with the help of your limited slip differential. All of these things combined to make this particular 1980 300zx one of the best and most iconic race cars of its time and now you could be its next driver.

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