You Can Buy the One-Off GT3-Powered Porsche 996 Classic Club Coupe

porsche 911 996 classic club coupe
Porsche 996 Classic Club Coupe Goes to AuctionPorsche

The 911 Classic Club Coupe, a one-off special project built in 2022 that resulted from a collaboration between Porsche Classic and the Porsche Club of America, is coming up for auction in June.

Based on a 1999 996-generation 911, the Classic Club Coupe is special in a few ways. Inspired by the original 2010 911 Sport Classic, it has a special stripe design overlaid its Paint to Sample Sport grey metallic paint. There's also a unique front bumper, a ducktail spoiler, and a set of forged Fuchs five-spoke wheels. Inside you'll find a unique Pepita pattern black and Slate grey leather covering the seats and door cards.

What really makes the Classic Club Coupe cool, though, is what lies underneath. Gone is the original flat-six, replaced with the flat-six from the later 996.2 911 GT3, along with the accompanying six-speed manual transmission. The engine makes 381 hp and can rev to 8000 rpm. The car also gets the uprated brakes and high-performance suspension from the GT3.


The 911 Classic Club Coupe is set to go up for auction during Broad Arrow's Porsche 75th Anniversary Auction, happening June 8-10 at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. No price estimate is given, though we suspect this one-off, Porsche Classic-built special will sell for a fair bit more than a normal 996 GT3.

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