C8 Corvette Delivered With Mismatched Seats

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C8 Corvette Delivered With Mismatched Seats
C8 Corvette Delivered With Mismatched Seats

One thing many have criticized the Corvette lineup for has been the lack of build quality and quality control. While the C8 has alleviated some of the build quality concerns, although some still try arguing it’s not a good value compared to other options, quality control still proves to be a bit of an issue. A great recent example is a customer’s C8 Corvette delivered with two different seats.

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Popular Corvette YouTuber Rick Conti had this unfortunate seat mixup with a customer’s car. The dealership was scambling to make things right, but in the meantime Rick and his audience got quite the kick out the situation.


The big question we and so many others have is how the quality control team let such a glaring error slip by? It’s almost as bad as delivering a vehicle without a windshield. It’s a huge mistake which should’ve been easily caught and immediately corrected.

Surely more than one worker saw the interior of the sports car, and yet nobody noticed the seats weren’t the same? Did they think a customer ordered two different types of seats in some weird quest to have a one-of-one build from the factory?

This story reminds us of other quality control complaints we’ve seen with Corvettes. For example, there have been C8s delivered with mismatched trim pieces, another thing which should be so easily caught by anyone who looks at a car for more than two seconds.

While the cosmetic quality control issues are annoying for owners and hilarious to everyone else, there’s something more concerning in the mix. If GM workers at Bowling Green are screwing up such simple things on C8 Corvettes, how can they not be messing up mechanical or electrical components?

Some have claimed their ‘Vette had serious issues which resulted in an explosion and/or fire. We obviously can’t confirm the veracity of these claims, but after seeing yet another obvious screwup on a Corvette, we wonder.

Image via Rick Corvette Conti/YouTube

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