Cadillac Dealership Falls Victim To Sinkhole

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Cadillac Dealership Falls Victim To Sinkhole
Cadillac Dealership Falls Victim To Sinkhole

The owner says insurance won’t cover the vehicles.

A Cadillac dealership in Leominster, Massachusetts was recently the scene of a fairly large sinkhole that opened up on its patio, swallowing three new Cadillacs. This happened after the city has been hit with flooding thanks to a recent storm. But what really hurts is the owner of the dealership saying he doesn’t believe insurance will cover the vehicles.

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The dealership backs a river, as clearly shown in a report from local station WBZ. As the flood waters rose, the soil under the pavers that made up the patio was washed away. It took crews with a crane to pull the new Caddies out of the sink hole, which thankfully didn’t look deep enough to crush them with a long fall down.


All this happened overnight on September 11, so when the dealership owner arrived on September 12 he was presented with this big mess. We guess it’s part of the cost of doing business, sadly. It also sounds like quite a few other sink holes and other problems were caused by the storm.

According to the owner of the dealership, the Cadillacs which fell into the sinkhole are valued at up to $65,000 each. Sadly, these days it’s not that hard to spend that much on a new vehicle. And thanks to what many consider price gouging over the past few years, we think a lot of people won’t feel sorry for the dealership owner.

He said his insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damage for the vehicles on his lot. That seems like an odd choice considering the proximity of the river. It’s not clear just how much damage was done to the Caddies, but the guy was hopeful there was no water damage, something which would result in a branded title and drop value significantly.