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For decades, Cadillac was a singular icon of global automotive luxury, the ultimate status aspiration for American drivers, and the pinnacle of Detroit's golden age, "The Standard Of The World." Through Caddy, General Motors enacted innumerable innovations, from electric starting to the luxury SUV to, most recently magnetorheological suspension, a technology that ultimately made its way onto cars like the Ferrari 458 and Audi R8. The Cadillac Eldorado and Deville, with their long lines and occasionally outrageous tailfins, defined Amerian excess during the boom years. But times have changed, and Cadillac is trying to keep pace.

These days, luxury doesn't mean length. Premium drivers want more than a mobile couch; they're looking for some muscle. With the sharp-looking and -handling ATS sport sedan, Cadillac is finally offering an acceptable American challenge to the BMW 3-series. The ATS debuted in 2012 to outstanding reviews, and continues to be a worth competitor.. Next up the ladder is the CTS, larger and more powerful than the ATS, available in sedan, coupe and wagon variations, topped by a Sport-Wagon, in V-trim, with a six-speed manual transmission and 6.2-liter Corvette-derived V8 that generates a massive 556 horsepower.

But even though it's now covering sporty territory, Cadillac has always been known as a luxury brand. The XTS is a return to the company's roots. Though it lacks the big V8 thatCadillac helped popularize nearly a century ago, the XTS is a proper big American sedan loaded with comfort and technology. Even further up the food chain is the Escalade, still considered by many to be the benchmark in the luxury SUV market, an urban assault vehicle loaded with power and luxury amenities. So even though competition may be fiercer than it once was, but Cadillac still hasn't lost all its chrome luster. Pulling one up to the curb still looks good.
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