If California comes for Midwest water, we have plenty of dynamite in Minnesota

The Mississippi River is seen ahead of Hurricane Ida on August 29, 2021, in New Orleans.
The Mississippi River is seen ahead of Hurricane Ida on August 29, 2021, in New Orleans.

If California comes for Midwest water, we have plenty of dynamite in Minnesota

I live in Red Wing, Minnesota. Recently I have noticed several letters to the editor in your publication that promoted taking water from the Mississippi River or the Great Lakes and diverting it to California via pipeline or aqueduct.

I will save you some time by informing you that it is not going to happen because the local citizenry here doesn't want you to have that water. There are very, very many people living along the Mississippi River and around the Great Lakes that really, really don't like California or Californians.


Californians should remember their own history, namely the Owens Valley water wars when valley farmers dynamited an aqueduct that was stealing their water and draining into the sewer that is Los Angeles.

We have plenty of dynamite in Minnesota. My advice to you is: Don't Californicate the upper Midwest.

Paul Cofell, Red Wing, Minnesota 

Memo to West on water: Create your own solutions to your own problems

We appreciate the conundrum and crisis faced out West by those suffering through drought, but the rest of a weary nation would like to bluntly say, "Stop trying to steal our water because you have used up your own."

Politicians and residents out West have created this crisis over the past century by overbuilding, wasting water (Las Vegas anyone?), and acting irresponsibly.

Who thinks it’s a great idea to build massive metropolises in arid regions, plant grass, build fountains, then wonder why there isn't enough water?

The Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, and other water resources aren’t going to be touched. Forget it. To divert water would drop local water tables, destroy wetlands, dry out farms, and potentially permanently change weather patterns needed to support life in these regions.

If anyone tries to steal this water, they’ll find themselves outvoted in Washington and losing in court.

I’ve lived in six states, and I have never witnessed the sense of entitlement to other states' resources that I have every time the West needs more water.

We hurt for you, but we cannot bankrupt ourselves to bail you out every time you need water.

Physician, heal thyself! Create your own solutions to your own problems.

Charles Babb, Thibodaux, Louisiana

Mitchell is wrong on tuition waiver

I found the opinion piece by the self-anointed “nationally recognized expert” Donald Craig Mitchell concerning tuition waivers for tribal members at the University of California to be insulting.

Mr. Mitchell, a white man, is afraid some fake tribal members are going to pull a fast one on UC. First, American Indian enrollment at UC is about half a percent. Second, all low-income students qualify for free tuition at UC (see UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan).

Are there bad actors in any population? Of course — just ask the white parents who bribed the university to have their children admitted. He clearly has a right-wing ax to grind and fears yet another minority group is out to take what’s “ours.” He says it’s all a “woke gesture.” The word "woke" ruins any argument.

Dante Noto, Cathedral City 

This article originally appeared on Palm Springs Desert Sun: If California comes for Midwest water, Minnesota has plenty of dynamite