California Governor Newsom: Expect 'Driverless Flying Cars'

gavin newsom in tesla
California Governor: Expect Flying CarsCAgovernor/Twitter

California Governor Gavin Newsom visited Tesla's Gigafactory outside Shanghai, China last week. While there, Newsom tested out the new Tesla, Model 3 Plus, a car not yet available in the United States. He also shared his bullish view on autonomous and flying cars.

Elex Michaelson, host and executive producer of "The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson," recently posted a video on his YouTube channel showing Newsom at the factory and discussing the future of self-driving vehicles. Newsom said he believes humans will not be driving much longer.

“Autonomy is the future. I don’t think it, I know it. I think it’s just going to explode, and you’re going to start to see driverless flying cars as well,” Newsom said. “I think we are going to look back in 20 or 30 years and go why were we allowed to drive and allow thirty-plus-thousand Americans to die every single year in accidents?”

Just last week, the California Department of Motor Vehicles revoked permits for driverless vehicle testing operated by the rideshare company, Cruise, following multiple incidents.


Tesla's Gigafactory in China is the most productive Tesla plant in the world. Tesla builds 2,000 cars a day, about one every 40 seconds, at this location. Newsom said he would like a similar facility built in Fremont, California.

Much like flying cars, we must wait to see if that facility becomes a reality.

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