Camaro Motor Home Isn’t What You Think

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The real question is what’s its quarter mile time?

We’re not big motor home fans but we do love a good muscle car. That’s why we were skeptical when we first ran across this Chevy Camaro converted into a motor home or camper, depending on how you want to slice things. After all, if we were to choose a modern muscle car to convert into a mobile living quarters, the Camaro wouldn’t be our first choice.

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Let’s face it: the 6th Gen Camaro’s backseat is pretty cramped. Now, we could make all kinds of jokes about that, but what isn’t a laughing matter is how that no doubt has negatively impacted sales. Then along comes this hero, some might call it, showing everyone that Chevy’s modern muscle car has enough room for someone to live inside it.

Instead of changing the exterior form of the Camaro, like so many shooting brake renderings and other such nonsense that’s all over the internet these days, the person who built this decided to maximize the existing space. Is it genius or is it madness? Does it remind us of the horrific Japanese pod hotels? Why would someone voluntarily live like this? We have so many questions.

The only obvious exterior modifications are two solar panels clunkily attached to the car’s roof. We’re not saying we could do a better job, but the sheer wind resistance these are providing has got to suck. Moving to the interior, there’s a kitchenette where the front passenger seat would be, hardwood flooring included, plus a nice cozy sleeping compartment behind the driver’s seat, and… okay we can’t do this anymore!

Seriously, this is about the dumbest thing we’ve ever covered on Motorious! Don’t anyone else even think of converting a Camaro, Challenger, Mustang, or any other muscle car into a motor home, camper, whatever the hell you want to call it. Just buy a camper, motor home, or get an SUV with a roof tent. Who in their right mind can take this seriously? And what’s the point? Probably to get views on YouTube, so we’ll drop the video in if you want to support this project by watching it.

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