Camaro Tries Ditching The Cops In Heavy Rain

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Camaro Tries Ditching The Cops In Heavy Rain
Camaro Tries Ditching The Cops In Heavy Rain

It always amazes us when people think they can drive in the rain exactly like they do in dry conditions, believing there will be no consequences. You can just not believe in gravity all you want, that still doesn’t mean you can jump off a cliff and float to safety. Still, this suspect in a Chevy Camaro decides to push his luck and run from an Arkansas trooper in the pouring rain anyway.

Stop driving with your fog lights constantly on.

According to Trooper Jordan Drake’s account, the traffic stop was triggered by the Camaro displaying an “unreadable” temporary paper tag, plus running no lights or windshield wipers. The combination was enough to get his attention and the suspect decided to pull off the road like a nice little boy.


But then he did the thing so many think is incredibly clever, pulling away as the trooper gets out of his vehicle. He probably figured with the paper tag, which could have been fake, if he got away the trooper would have no idea who he was, and maybe he was right.

What this suspect didn’t calculate for was his inability to get away. When he floors it from the shoulder of the road, it’s obvious this Camaro doesn’t have the mighty V8 but instead the force-fed four-banger. Pathetic. We already have opinions of people who buy four- and even six-cylinder versions of muscle cars, including that they might not be horribly bright. That’s especially true if they try running from the cops in their hamster mobile.

We give this guy an A for effort since he keeps going even after the trooper hits him and the Camaro’s rear fascia starts coming apart. He really wants to get away and obviously is flogging that tiny engine hard to make it happen.

In a desperate but pathetic move to fake out the trooper, this guy puts on his flashers, pulls onto the shoulder, then tries making a slow and wide U-turn. That gives the trooper plenty of time to PIT the Camaro into a ditch.

As the driver’s arrested, he tells the trooper he ran because he just got the Camaro out of impound and didn’t want it to be impounded again. Ironic.

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