Would-Be Car Thief Forklifted 20 Feet In The Air Until Police Showed Up To Arrest Him

Screenshot of bodycam footage showing an SUV held in the air by a forklift
Screenshot of bodycam footage showing an SUV held in the air by a forklift

An attempted thief was stopped when a junkyard employee used a forklift to lift the SUV into the air and held it there until police arrived.

By holding the vehicle so far off the ground, the employee was able to keep the suspect from escaping while they waited for police to show up. According to the owner of the junkyard, this also wasn’t the first time that Alexander Funk had broken in, Cleveland’s 19 News reports:

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“Alright man well here’s the deal this lot is, there’s been a serious amount of break-ins and converters cut off and you got a Sawzall and you’re in a private area of the business not open to the public,” an officer told Funk. “So, what do you got the Sawzall for?”

“Uh copper to be honest brother, not gonna lie,” Funk admitted.

According to one junkyard employee, the last time Funk allegedly broke in, he managed to escape before being arrested, so we don’t blame them one bit for breaking out the ol’ forklift. It’s not exactly a conventional method of holding a thief until police arrive, but it sure did work. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. We’re just happy they released the bodycam footage so everyone can enjoy the sight of a Murano suspended 20 feet up in the air.

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