Car Thief Locks Himself Inside BMW

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Car Thief Locks Himself Inside BMW
Car Thief Locks Himself Inside BMW

Police in Victoria, Australia made one of the easiest captures to date after a would-be car thief locked himself inside the vehicle he was trying to take. We have yet again a prime example that many crooks who steal cars probably do so because they’re not smart enough to figure out how to make money legitimately.

Check your tires before leading police on a chase.

According to a press release from police, the BMW this suspect tried taking had been parked outside a gas station. The owner failed to lock the doors, a big no-no we have to say, and walked inside. Somehow, the would-be thief figured out the Bimmer was unlocked and climbed inside.


Thankfully the owner noticed someone was in his car, so he ran back to confront the person. But the criminal decided to play his big trump card and locked the doors. The only problem was the car owner had the keys in his hand, which he displayed to the would-be thief tauntingly.

The Bimmer owner called police, who probably got a nice laugh when they showed up. After all, how many times do they find thieves trapped inside the very thing they were trying to steal? Also, is there no way to physically unlock and open the door on a BMW? Most cars, even modern ones, have a manual lock release for emergencies, so we’re genuinely asking.

Officers were able to arrest the 24-year-old man trapped inside the luxury car, which looks to be a 5 Series. The press release says it was “one of the simpler arrest of their careers.” Indeed.

Sadly, we’ve seen a lot of car thefts where people have left their keys in the car. With keyless ignitions, some people are lazy and leave their fob in the cupholder, even when they run inside a store. It’s a horrible habit. So is leaving your doors unlocked, even when your ride is parked inside your garage at home.

Image via Victoria Police

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