Cardi B Goes on Chanel and Dior Shopping Spree for Daughter Kulture

On Tuesday, Cardi B took to Instagram to show off the haul from her Chanel and Dior shopping spree for her 2-year-old daughter, Kulture, whom she shares with her husband, Offset.

Video Transcript

CARDI B: Ooh I went crazy shopping. All for Kulture though.

HALLIE STEPHENS: Cardi B just went on a mad shopping spree for her two-year-old daughter, Kulture, and we're talking Chanel and Dior.

CARDI B: Oh yes, honey.

HALLIE STEPHENS: On Tuesday the 28-year-old rapper took to Instagram after dropping some serious cash on her little girl.

CARDI B: Ooh, I went crazy shopping. All for Kulture though. Nothing mine. All KK. What? God gave me a doll for a reason.

HALLIE STEPHENS: And if you're curious about what's in those boxes don't worry. She posted that, too. And it's full on luxury bags on bags on bags people.


HALLIE STEPHENS: The Grammy winner captioned the clip quote, "this what happens when God gives me the baby girl I always wanted. I shop more for her than I do for myself."

But Cardi isn't the only one doing some major spending on little Kulture. Back in July, for her second birthday, the toddler received, her first Hermes Birkin bag from her famous mom and dad, rapper Offset.

OFFSET: It's pretty.


OFFSET: Look. Look. Look. This is yours. Look. Wow! Ooh! [INAUDIBLE] girl! See you, beautiful baby!

HALLIE STEPHENS: But when ET caught up with Cardi in 2019 when Kulture was still a baby, she insisted that it isn't all glam all the time.

HALLIE STEPHENS: You want to know something? It's funny because you know you buy so many clothes for babies and then like the couture stuff and the expensive name brand stuff, you put it on her and then it's like right away she throws off, she drools, or she might crap on it. And she just end up being in a Target outfit, you know, like in a Target onesie. My best pictures and videos of her, she's like her damn pajamas.

HALLIE STEPHENS: And speaking of Target, back in June Cardi took Kulture on a toy shopping spree.

CARDI B: One of my favorite things about being a mom, toys! I love going, buying toys and going through the toy section. It's just-- I love It

HALLIE STEPHENS: Yeah, safe to say Cardi is pretty much the sweetest girl mom in town.

CARDI B: And she's so cute. I love her.