Cat's Fitting Reaction to Having Her First Kitten Earns All the Praise From Mom

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We totally love how mom was reassuring her.

When your fur baby reaches a milestone in life, it's almost like you're reaching a milestone, too. That's why almost every pet parent can relate to @sinnalu420's excitement when her cat had her very first kitten! The little one was only the first of five to arrive that day, but we're not sure who's more proud--@sinnalu420 or her cat! 

Naturally, TikTok is loving this precious interaction. If you're anything like us, you'll be positively riveted! 

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What a good mama! She's taking to motherhood quite well if we say so ourselves, but her little chirps are our absolute favorite. Viewer @bsrb1173 wrote, "I love her chattering," though now we have a feeling we aren't the only ones! 

"Awe shes like mom are you seeing this, look what I made Mom!" 🥰," said @bvbmomma13. That's accurate AF! She might be a new mama herself, but this kitty is still a baby when it comes to her human. And we see why--@sinnalu420 absolutely loves her!

Commenter @nmadventures sees it too. She wrote, "this cat gets talked to nicer than I have in my entire life 💀." Oh no! We do know what you mean, though--this cat mama's joy is infectious. Even after all 5 babies were born!

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We're not the only ones who are emotionally invested now, right? The little ones are absolutely perfect! 

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