'Charlie's Angels' Star Lucy Liu Took (and Kept) Nude Photos of Drew Barrymore

Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore
Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Charlie’s Angels set.

In a new interview for The Drew Barrymore Show, Charlie’s Angels castmates and friends Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu reminisced about their time on the set, and revealed that Lucy had taken some rather revealing photographs of Drew while filming!

“I was trying to find the nude photographs you took of me on the set of Charlie’s in my dressing room,” Barrymore joyfully said to Liu on the March 21 episode of her talk show.

“I have them,” Liu calmly responded. “I do, of course.”

Liu then started to pour out love for her friend and co-star.

She told Barrymore that she looks “gorgeous, as you still do,” in the photos. “And you’re so natural and playful and having a great time,” she continued. “I have a series of portraits of so many people – with and without clothes on, guys.”

In addition to taking nude photos of her beautiful costars, Liu also enjoys spending her time painting gorgeous erotic portraits of nude women.


Liu is an accomplished and diverse artist, and on her website, there’s an entire section showing off her many large paintings. While there are several different subjects, one of her favorites to return to are lovingly-painted portraits of nude women, often laying and cuddling with other nude women.

Liu has been showing her art at art shows since 1993, and works in media ranging from painting, to sculpture, to screen printing.