Check Out Buick’s Revamped Wildcat Concept—and a New Tagline

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Buick Shows a Revamped Wildcat and New TaglineBuick
  • The Buick Wildcat EV debuted in 2022 as a way of previewing upcoming styling cues.

  • Buick is updating its branding strategy with a new tagline, “Exceptional by design.”

  • This new brand strategy follows Buick’s new logo, which the company revealed in 2022.

If you’re still holding onto hope that Buick might actually put the Wildcat EV into production, here’s a positive sign.

In a YouTube video showing off the company’s new branding ambitions, Buick revealed an updated Wildcat EV concept. This update is likely to demonstrate what we can expect from coming Buick products, but it’s great to see the company is still thinking about Buick sedan fans.

In the video above, Buick shows off both versions of the Wildcat, which helps more casual car fans better spot the differences. While the styling isn’t a huge departure from what we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s still interesting.


Buick revised the Wildcat EV’s nose and did away with the slat-like grille insert. The Wildcat also sports a refreshed fascia and headlight combination. Of course, it’s also worth noting that these updates all look like they’re done digitally, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see an updated Wildcat EV concept hit an event near you sooner rather than later.

If you’re wondering why Buick is updating the styling of a sedan concept, well, there is an actual reason. Buick is changing its tagline and steering into more aggressive styling conventions for its crossovers. The new tagline: “Exceptional by design.” Since Buick has used the Wildcat concept to preview upcoming styling changes, it only makes sense to keep updating the concept car to reflect upcoming styling changes.

Even though there’s an update to the Wildcat’s design, it seems like the upcoming ’25 Enclave will still feature a slat-like grille, which reflects the older Wildcat. While it’s still hard to say what’s coming, you can almost expect something borrowing this new design language down the line. Or, if Buick wants to give its fans a massive surprise, put the Wildcat into the lineup.

Do you think Buick will ever produce this Wildcat EV concept? Tell us your thoughts below.