Check Out This Customized 1973 Datsun Pickup and Yamaha Motorcycle on BaT

1973 datsun 620 pickup front detail
BaT Pick: 1973 Datsun Pickup and Yamaha MotorcycleBring a Trailer
  • Mini-pickups were often used as motorcycle haulers, and that's the two-piece setup we have here.

  • This Datsun 620 pickup is paired with a Yamaha CT3 Enduro, both 1973 models.

  • The Datsun has some custom touches outside and even more inside.

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Car and Driver

In 1973, the Arab oil embargo resulted in a spike in gas prices and even gas shortages. For car enthusiasts, there was the sense that a golden age was coming to an end (American Graffiti's nostalgic pining for early-‘60s California was released that summer). But you could still have plenty of fun with a few gallons of fuel in the early 1970s, and here's just the pairing to prove it.

1973 datsun 620 pickup profile
Bring a Trailer

This 1973 Datsun 620 pickup plus Yamaha motorcycle combo is up for auction on Bring a Trailer—which, like Car and Driver, is part of Hearst Autos. The pair are both painted the colors of a California summer sunset, and together they make you want to head out into the desert for some fun ripping around in the dirt, and then listening to The Doobie Brothers as the stars come out.

1973 datsun 620 pickup engine
Bring a Trailer

The Datsun is the star of the show, fitted as it is with some seriously groovy exterior artwork, yet a modern interior upgrade that looks straight out of Minecraft. It wears a BRE front lip spoiler with “the Night Stalker” emblazoned on it, but with a three-speed automatic transmission and a four-cylinder engine, it's more of an Evening Cruiser.


Mind you, that four-cylinder is a blend of Datsun L16 and L18 parts, with a displacement of 1.7 liters and twin Hitachi carburetors. The claimed output is 133 horsepower at 8000 rpm, which is plenty feisty for a little 1970s pickup truck. Hopped-up Datsuns were all the rage at the time, and this truck has a whiff of BRE 510 about it. The automatic transmission isn't the most performance-oriented option, but after riding motorcycles in the dunes until your legs turn to jelly, would probably make for an easier trip home.

1973 datsun 620 pickup interior
Bring a Trailer

The motorcycle is a Yamaha CT3 Enduro, also of 1973 vintage. It's intended for offroad use only and doesn't actually run, so it's more of a project. Repairing a single-cylinder two-stroke Japanese motorcycle of this era is about as difficult as assembling a Duplo set. Or you could cruise up to your local car meet and just talk about your plans for the Yamaha—this is also an accepted convention of project-motorcycle ownership.

1973 datsun 620 pickup rear
Bring a Trailer

This auction for this pure-1970s combo ends September 21.

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