Check Out Toyota’s FT-Se Concept, a Sports Car EV

toyota ftse concept
Toyota FT-Se Concept Previews a BEV Sports CarToyota
  • The Toyota FT-Se concept made its formal debut at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.

  • Toyota hasn’t disclosed the FT-Se’s prospective powertrain, but it has confirmed that it will be battery-electric.

  • Toyota says its FT-Se concept uses what the company has learned from its Gazoo Racing program.

It looks like Toyota isn’t leaving the sports car out of its battery-electric lineup. The Toyota FT-Se concept makes its formal reveal at the Japan Mobility Show and shows off what the future of Toyota’s sports cars could look like.

The Toyota FT-Se also shows that the company isn’t avoiding the modular nature of BEVs, and notes this machine shares major components with the FT-3e concept.


Toyota hasn’t revealed anything about this concept’s powertrain, aside from the fact that it will feature some amount of electric motors and use a battery to feed it all. The company’s investment in cracking the code for solid-state batteries means it’s possible the production version of the FT-Se’s electric motor or motors will rely on solid-state batteries for power.

toyota ftse concept

While Toyota is tight-lipped about its technical specs, the company is happy to show off this concept’s design. Both the exterior and interior look appropriately futuristic. Despite this, the sheetmetal still echoes some elements of the current Toyota Supra. The nose, for example, looks similar to the A90-generation Supra, but the ultra-thin lighting is probably what we’re going to see on the road in a few years.

The interior, on the other hand, looks totally futuristic. The FT-Se’s interior designers obviously were inspired by race car interiors. The yoke-style steering wheel and minimalist dashboard look like they would be right at home in a well-finished race car. A small screen sits ahead of the driver to relay all of the FT-Se’s information, and smaller screens appear to flank the steering wheel for controls. Absent is the large media screen that normally would fill the dashboard.

It's hard to say that Toyota will ever produce the FT-Se, but a battery-electric sports car possibly bearing the Supra badge wouldn’t be totally out of the question. Still, it’s good to see Toyota still showing interest in sports cars in the battery-electric space.

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