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As American, at least according to an old advertising slogan, as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, Chevrolet has, in recent years, also served as a warning signal about corporate bloat. Disastrous Chevrolet sales and poor development decisions almost crashed the entire General Motors Corporation, leading to a huge government bailout in 2008. Those dark days are behind Chevy, but it's still clawing its was back to respectability. Still, it has good-selling, recognizable brand names like Impala, Malibu, and Suburban, which holds the distinction of being the longest consecutive-running nameplate in the automotive industry. Chevy also can claim the Camaro and the Corvette. The 2014 Corvette Stingray has enthusiasts squealing with delight, with lines both classic and modern. It's going to be the year's most sought-after sports car, and should go a long way toward restoring the company's good name. Chevy's lineup isn't perfect, but it's also tremendously diverse, and the company seems well positioned to put the bailout doldrums in its rear-view.

In recent years, Chevy has wisely focused on the economy segment. About as far a cry as possible from the land yachts of yore, Chevy's smallest model, the Spark, is an uber compact five-door hatch with a gas thrifty 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine. The Spark EV offers Chevrolet's first all-electric drivetrain. Slightly larger than that is the Sonic, available in Hatch or Sedan body with a possible 40-MPG highway fuel economy. Wandering out of the sub-compact category, the very likeable Cruze compact offers the first true American competition to the German dominated diesel car category, besting the Jetta TDI by 4 highway MPGs.

A car company is only as good as its sports cars, and Chevrolet has two of the best. The Camaro continues its success in its current iteration, finally back on pace with sales of the Ford Mustang. The track-focused Z28 is all dominating. Meanwhile, Corvette is now entering it's seventh generation, taking a quantum leap forward in the form of the Stingray. Massively improved build quality and interior materials compliment performance in the base model on par with the outgoing Z06.

Over in SUV land,the five-passenger Crossover Equinox offers 3500-lbs. towing in V6 models, or up to 32 highway MPG in four-cylinder equipped models. In lieu of a minivan, the Traverse offers much of the same capacity, like eight-passenger seating and 116.3 cubic feet of cargo room.

For those that really need to tow or take the whole family on the path less traveled, the long trusted Tahoe seats up to nine and can haul up to 8,500 lbs. Chevy's flagship Suburban offers much of the capability of the Tahoe, but with up to 137 cubic ft. of cargo capacity.
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