Chevy Tahoe Missing Rear Tires Keeps Running From Police

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Chevy Tahoe Missing Rear Tires Keeps Running From Police
Chevy Tahoe Missing Rear Tires Keeps Running From Police

Even crazier, the driver is paralyzed!

They must not teach physics in dumb criminal school anymore, because this guy fleeing from the police in his two-wheel-drive Chevy Tahoe didn’t understand we was going nowhere once his rear tires disintegrated. To watch him lay on the accelerator, the rear wheels spinning on the pavement like a little kid who doesn’t know how to ice skate, almost rises to the level of consideration for the Darwin Award, only the guy didn’t die.

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The first dumb move made by this driver was blasting right past an Arkansas State Police cruiser, weaving through traffic, while obviously speeding. He might as well have had a flashing sign on the back of the Tahoe advertising that he was breaking the law and constituted a danger to everyone on the road.


After he gets pitted pretty hard, the rear tires on the Tahoe blow out. While the passenger-side tire was completely ripped to shreds immediately, the driver’s-side held on for a little while. But with the driver continuing to press the accelerator hard, it gives up the ghost not too long after.

When they finally corner this guy in a gas station parking lot, we see he’s holding a phone while trying to get away from troopers. Later, we learn he called his mom because he was scared the police were chasing him. Why is it so many people who are scared of cops do everything to make a simple traffic stop ten times worse?

Like so many other people in pursuit videos, this guy turned from fleeing from police at all costs to instant victim once caught. The guy started telling troopers over and over about how he’s paralyzed from the waist down. Once troopers confirmed that was the case, they handled the situation with a commendable amount of empathy without just letting this guy off the hook. After all, he was driving recklessly and failed to pull over.

We’re going to say this one more time: if a police officer turns on his lights and gets behind you, pull over as soon as you can. Definitely do not accelerate and try getting away. The risk you run for yourself, not to mention the officer and everyone else isn’t worth it.

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