Chinese Tesla McFlurry ‘Cyberspoon’ Is the Cybertruck Promo Elon Called ‘Fake News’

Sawyer Merritt
Sawyer Merritt

If you're a Tesla customer based on China who's anxiously been awaiting the long-delayed Cybertruck, you're in luck. Sort of. McDonald's in China has partnered with Tesla China to offer a limited-edition, Cybertruck-inspired piece of merchandise—the Cyberspoon.

The $4 Cyberspoon is a plastic spoon whose design is semi-reminiscent of the Tesla Cybertruck and is being advertised by McDonald's for use in the McFlurry. However, despite official ads being run by McDonald's China, Elon Musk was apparently unaware of both the partnership and the futuristic looking spoon.


“Fake news [as far as I know],” Musk posted on Twitter/X in response to Sawyer Merritt initially posting the Cyberspoon to him a few days ago.

As the CEO of Tesla, it seems odd Musk wouldn't know about a collaboration with a brand as big as McDonald's. Maybe he's just been too busy with Twitter/X. Regardless of Musk's knowledge on the matter, the Cyberspoon partnership seems real, as even Tesla China is posting about it on Weibo, according to Merritt.

Musk hasn't since responded about the Cyberspoon, so it's unclear how he feels about his branded utensil, or why such a collaboration happened.

The Cyberspoon is far from the silliest merchandise ever associated with Elon Musk, who once sold an actual flamethrower. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Cybertruck-inspired spoon doesn't look like it'd be great to use as an actual spoon, with its sharply angled edges. Regardless of its effectiveness, though, you can bet that all 50,000 Cyberspoons will be sold out well before its limited run ends on September 26.

After countless setbacks and delays, the Tesla Cybertruck seems like it could actually be getting close to production, as there was a prototype seemingly caught after a crash test on Cybertruck Owners Club. It's still far from production ready but it's closer to a reality than it's ever been, after being announced in 2019. However, if it continues to get delayed, at least some customers will have a spoon.

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