Christie Brinkley Gets Real About Undergoing Cosmetic Procedures at 69 in New Video

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Christie Brinkley Gets Real About Undergoing Cosmetic Procedures at 69 in New Video
  • Christie Brinkley, 69, just took fans on a cosmetic “laser adventure” on Instagram and opened up about the procedures she has had.

  • The former supermodel and her dermatologist demonstrated the benefits of the Fraxel laser.

  • “Even if it’s a cosmetic choice it may be beneficial to the health of your skin,” Brinkley explained.

Whether she’s showing off her gray hair or revealing her thoughts on ageism, Christie Brinkley always keeps things real. And at 69, the former supermodel—who is all about aging gracefully—is now opening up about the reality of cosmetic procedures, the treatments she’s tried in the past, and the ones she’s still doing today. Brinkley recently dropped a nearly seven-minute-long video on Instagram discussing (and showing!) her go-to laser treatments with her dermatologist.

“If you have a copy of my Book, ‘Timeless Beauty’ you’ve already heard me rave about my dermatologist @drrobertanolik who counts laser technology as one of his specialties. He has been helping me fight back the ravages of my active outdoor lifestyle for years,” Brinkley captioned the video. “I wanted to share my #selfcare #laser adventure with all of you, because it’s great to know if something bothers you there’s probably a laser for it. And even if it’s a cosmetic choice it may be beneficial to the health of your skin.”

The star continued, “I may joke around in the video, but if you’re a beach bum like me doing annual body scans for skin cancer is no joke. It’s a necessary part of any wellness plan,” Brinkley said. “I was delighted that my treatment would not just eventually look good but BE GOOD for the health of my skin. Thank you DrA+ for your expertise, great advice, and humor! I promise to use my sunblock every day!”

Once the camera started rolling, Brinkley introduced her dermatologist, Robert Anolik, M.D., and noted that she’s “here at his office trying to look glam with no makeup on,” before discussing the sun-related skin issues she faces like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. She even noted that her mother once had a squamous cell (a type of skin cancer) on her lip.

“We ask all of our patients regardless of whether they’re getting cosmetic work done or not, just to make sure that they’re using sunscreen and being careful,” her doctor explained while discussing the dangers of sun exposure. “But we can battle it back and make the skin look healthier,” he added.

Brinkley then noted that one way to address sun-related skin concerns is with something called a Fraxel laser, which “builds up surface collagen and then exfoliates, so fine lines and pores and texture can look better,” her doctor explained. “It helps make the skin actually, I feel, be healthier.”

“And that’s why I want to use it, it has nothing to do with the wrinkles and fine lines,” Brinkley joked.

Brinkley then included clips of her undergoing various laser treatments, her “positively bathing” in numbing cream, as well as the after-effects which show the star red-faced and smiling. “And now that I’ve done this, I’m going to recommit to making sure I have my sunblock on, even in the winter,” she said.

Fans loved Brinkley’s candid video. “You are always so beautiful, thank you for sharing your journey with us ❣️,” one fan wrote. “Can you get any more fabulous?!?! Always so authentic and gracious with your time and experiences!!” another added.

It’s safe to say that at 69, Brinkley looks as beautiful as ever. The former supermodel posted a collage of throwback magazine covers for her previous birthday, noting that her “days were numbered” to make a point about aging.

“Those days of hiding our age are over! I’m 69 and I feel GRATEFUL! I’ve learned that gratitude, health, and love are the keys to happiness! I have survived a lot, and what didn’t kill me, did indeed make me stronger, wiser, and I truly look at each day as a gift to celebrate!” Brinkley wrote in the caption. “So go ahead proclaim your age; celebrate the years! Make those numbers your b*tch! You got this! We got this! 👍🏼😘❤️”

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