Classic Range Rover becomes 375bhp electric convertible

Lunaz electric Range Rover Safari front three quarter static
Lunaz electric Range Rover Safari front three quarter static

The car is based on the Range Rover Safari driven by James Bond in 1983's Octopussy

EV conversion specialist Lunaz has created the world's first electric drop-top Range Rover as one of its most time-intensive conversions yet.

The latest model in the British firm's line-up, it joins electric versions of the Rolls-Royce Phantom V, the Jaguar XK120, the Range Rover Classic and a bin lorry.

It's said to have undergone "significantly different treatment" to the fixed-roof car, with 5000 hours of testing and development going into a body and chassis that had to be "substantially reinforced" to retain enough structural rigidity for it to support both the electric drivetrain and conversion to a cabriolet.


The car's look is inspired by the Range Rover Safari driven by James Bond in the 1983 film Octopussy. It is the only one to exist right now, and costs £440,000 plus taxes.

Lunaz founder David Lorenz said: "With this Range Rover, we’re doing something different. We’re showing that our incredibly detailed and exacting approach can be applied to more playful icons, so they can be enjoyed for their own sake.

"I believe that this stunning electrified restomod captures this perfectly, elevating the Range Rover Classic to a place that perfectly marries its utility with a contemporary and precisely executed new interior and exterior design treatment.”

The convertible gains an interior that "represents the most extensive development of any car elevated by Lunaz", having taken 1000 hours to create and featuring wide-reaching ergonomic and technological improvements.

Its 3D-printed centre console is said to have taken Lunaz two years to design, develop and manufacture.

The firm said the console will be used by all future electric Range Rovers, for which a further 50 build slots have now been opened.

The centre console is trimmed in waterproof walnut and the leather upholstery is resistant to water and chlorine. It's trimmed in blue to match the exterior.

The infotainment touchscreen is capable of smartphone mirroring, while there are digital displays housed within rotary dials for the HVAC controls (as on the Audi TT) and USB-C ports.

The upgraded electric motor produces 375bhp –15bhp more than in the fixed-roof car – and 450lb ft of torque.

Lunaz did not disclose a weight figure but did say the increase was so significant it had to fit upgraded springs and dampers, and larger brakes.