This College Football Coach Only Drives His Ferrari on Wednesdays For Some Reason

ferrari portofino m
Coach Only Drives His Ferrari on WednesdaysFerrari

Nick Saban is one of the most successful college football coaches in history and is also a huge Ferrari fan. However, Saban admitted on Thursday on The Pat McAfee Show that he only drives his Ferrari on Wednesdays if it is not raining.

So, why does he drive the car only on sunny Wednesdays? "I don't know, I'm sure I'm obsessive compulsive or something, but I only drive the Ferrari on Wednesday if it's not raining. So, that's kind of the program." said Saban.

Saban is not only a Ferrari customer, but he is part of the ownership group of the Prancing Horse of Nashville dealership. He signed an eight-year contract worth almost $94 million extension in August 2022 to coach Alabama college football. You would think owning a dealership and having that kind of salary would allow him to enjoy his car a bit more often.


Saban owned two Ferraris at one point, but he sold them both in order to get the model he really wanted, the Portofio M. Among its many good qualities, the Portofino M doesn't melt in the rain. He, of course, can do whatever he wants with his own car, but we know that if we had access to a Ferrari, we would be out driving it. What better way to cheer yourself up on a rainy Monday, than by going for a blast

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